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The taste of Spain in London

There are many people who are not aware of what tapas are. It is quite an important part which people love to order when they are in London but they are not exactly aware of what this it. Tapas are basically snacks, finger foods or canapés that have an origin in Spain. These come in various forms and each have a variety of their own. It can be practically anything, be it a cocktail onion or a piece of tuna. Tapas, though small in size, is enormous in taste and flavour. And people of London are completely hooked on this Spanish stuff. There has been a growing popularity of tapas in London. It is now becoming a three course meal also. In case you want to taste the best tapas in London, you can check out these places.

Barrica Tapas Bar

Baricca is an authentic tapas bar and once you visit the place you will feel that you are on the streets of Barcelona. It is also one of the better known tapas restaurants in London. The environment is amazing and provides a relaxing feeling to the people and it is the perfect place for someone to have a pastry and a great espresso. You may enjoy it with a glass of sherry with a friend, chatting or you may just enjoy authentic tapas with a lot of enthusiasm. The drinks offered in this restaurant must surely be tried as they keep it in the perfect condition that is an ideal condition for drinking. You can know more about the restaurant at .

Copita In Soho

copita tapas LondonThis is one of the best tapas London restaurants which are full of the rustic Spanish charm with chequered floors, overhead fans, tiled walls and the bar stools. The food is classic and one must surely try out the smoked ham, smoked paprika and spring green and obviously the cod carpaccio with capers, dill and orange. You can also avail the expensive wines in the bar as they serve up to 13 Sherries. You may visit for more details.


It has remained a mainstay of the Exmouth market since the last decade and it is still so popular now. The tapas menu that is served in this restaurant has drawn a lot of influence from North Africa and from Iberia region. So, this restaurant is a must try for people who which to have a fusion of Spanish and other cuisines. The end result of this fusion is brilliant and vibrant with fragrant and lightly spiced dishes. These are the best enjoyed with charcoal grilled meant, cheeses and Spanish hams. Spain is also famous for wines and thus, you can have a big showing for sherry in this place. The restaurant is a bit noisy at times but there is always an atmosphere of fun here.

These are a few good restaurants in London which provide you with really good Spanish food. You can also try out other places for tapas London like Camino, Drakes Tabanco, Donostia, Eyre Brothers and others. London is becoming a great hub of Spanish food these days.

Restaurants in North London With Entertainment

Dining out has become a popular and regular activity for most people and many restaurants are coming up with creative and innovative ideas and ways to provide entertainment to customers to enhance their dining experience. Eating out in North London is like going to an entertainment event where you get to enjoy a great meal accompanied with burlesque shows, comedy acts, live music, cabarets and other performances.

A guide to some of the most popular and number one restaurants in north London with entertainment are:

The Black Cat Cabaret @ Café De Paris, Soho- The titanic ballroom of the Café de Paris is transformed into a bohemian den where you can experience a fusion of fine dining with musicians, dancers, acrobats and singers. This is the place for those looking for spectacular stage shows and performances. Entry fee ranges from £15 to £75 per person depending on the type of dinner course and show you go for.


Circus, Leicester Square – This cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant features a glamorous and stylish ambience. Apart from fine dining with entertainment, it is also ideal for those looking for a place to hang out. The place features a long head table at the centre of the room with other tables set out around it. Set against the backdrop of black and silver discs performers come out to perform on the long head table as well as on the swing rings hanging above the restaurant.

Floridita, Soho – This Latino influenced bar and restaurant are the place to hang out if you are looking for good food and great entertainment. Customers can enjoy burlesque shows, live music and stage acts. Private hire facilities for parties are available at this venue.

The Brickhouse, Brick Lane – This unique bar, club and events venue offer its customers cabarets, burlesque shows, circus and live music performances every night along with a great choice of European cuisines. Services include organising business, private and social events.

There are other entertainment options for those looking for a more family oriented experience. North London cinemas are a great place to go after a meal out with the family as it caters to a wide age group. The cinemas in north London play only the latest releases and box office hits for the whole family to enjoy. Some cinemas offer private lounges and VIP seats for a more private and undisturbed viewing experience.


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